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Read this first

The Mpog 100 has a few house-rules to keep the listing fair and accurate.

1. New member can join Mpog 100 for free. Buying a banner for your listing is an optional service, and in no way needed to be approved.

2. Mpog 100 currently only accepts online rpgs in the catagories : text based , browser based, 2d and 3d mmorpg. Do not submit your website if you dont offer a playable online rpg game.

3. You may only create 1 account for each domain , do not submit subdomains, subfolders, portals or dynamic URLS or any other re-direct to the same content / website.

4. We will review all suggested mmorpg websites first (usually within 24 hours) We are doing this to keep our list clean and accurate. All votes you receive while waiting will be stored in our database.

5. We list english mmorpg websites only. Do not use too many CAPS in your title / description.

6. Refrain from voting your own game and encouraging others to vote for you (for example: showing the vote button in popup windows, software toolbars, or rewarding players to click on the vote button)

7. If you signup with and reference number inside the url (for example there is a chance that your listing will be rejected, please contact us first.

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