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samurai of legend
Information about samurai of legend

  • Username: roboghost1
  • Description: a game where u have to become a samurai and fight other people to become a top samurai. u get into clans and make money to level up.

  • URL:
  • Category: mmorpg
  • Member Since: 2009-10-31

  • Average Rating: 5 / 5
  • Number of Ratings: 6651

Daily samurai of legend Stats

Daily Unique PVs Total PVs Unique In Total In Unique Out Total Out
Average 0 0 15.9 18 1 1
Today 0 0 0 0 0 0
Yesterday 0 0 18 19 0 0
Jun 7 0 0 19 22 0 0
Jun 6 0 0 15 19 2 2
Jun 5 0 0 15 15 1 1
Jun 4 0 0 18 19 2 2
Jun 3 0 0 21 23 1 1
Jun 2 0 0 16 20 2 2
Jun 1 0 0 16 19 2 2
May 31 0 0 21 24 0 0
Highest 0 0 385 385 48 112

Weekly samurai of legend Stats

Weekly Unique PVs Total PVs Unique In Total In Unique Out Total Out
Average 0 0 110.5 121.6 8.9 9.2
This Week 0 0 67 75 3 3
Last Week 0 0 129 144 9 9
Week 21 0 0 130 147 9 9
Week 20 0 0 0 0 0 0
Week 19 0 0 135 146 4 5
Week 18 0 0 132 143 11 12
Week 17 0 0 135 145 19 19
Week 16 0 0 130 143 9 9
Week 15 0 0 115 129 11 12
Week 14 0 0 132 144 14 14
Highest 0 0 2568 2568 234 234

Monthly samurai of legend Stats

Monthly Unique PVs Total PVs Unique In Total In Unique Out Total Out
Average 0 0 582.4 633.8 50.5 57.6
This Month 0 0 138 156 10 10
Last Month 0 0 590 644 45 47
Apr 06 0 0 544 596 59 61
Mar 06 0 0 493 527 57 102
Feb 06 0 0 536 583 55 55
Jan 06 0 0 662 720 51 54
Dec 05 0 0 623 678 61 67
Nov 05 0 0 691 741 70 72
Oct 05 0 0 743 806 54 62
Sep 05 0 0 804 887 43 46
Highest 0 0 8419 8419 770 772

Total Stats

Monthly Unique PVs Total PVs Unique In Total In Unique Out Total Out
Overall 0 0 260955 265339 20062 22616

samurai of legend review panel

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2018-05-30 15:48:29
Samurai of Legend is a very easy game to learn, the interface is user-friendly and if you do find yourself struggling, there are so many kind players that are willing to help new players! The community is largely comprised of friendly players and even though there are some problems with the game, it is quite enjoyable to play!

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2017-09-07 14:41:30
So far an enjoyable text base game. I joined at a bit of a slow time, but there are players willing to help still!

2017-08-25 09:28:03
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2017-04-27 11:08:07
Great game highly addictive

2017-04-17 08:13:57
Awesome game.

2017-04-13 19:49:47

2017-03-12 13:39:29
A great thinkers games

2017-02-27 19:11:14
Awesome game!

2017-02-22 16:38:13
One of the best games out there.

2017-02-12 10:46:23
Fun time killer, great community and fair rules.

2017-02-07 20:14:17
An awesome Online MMORPG, something different from all the others and always keeps things interesting.
Clans allow for a fun time and a friendly community, would highly recommend to anyone 5 STARS!!

2017-02-03 14:53:44
I've been playing this game for a few of years, and love it. You can play as hard, or as easy as you like.

2017-02-02 14:10:29
awesome game

2017-01-02 02:03:28
I have been playing for years and I love it

2016-07-25 08:14:03
Its just awsome.

2016-05-06 10:39:31
very very good game

2016-04-30 04:40:17
Been a member for many years. Very good, especially if you have slow mobile connections. 2G suffices for easy play.

2016-03-26 08:40:55
Great game 2000 days in

2016-02-19 05:17:52
Awesome storys and life styles, for the Takeda!!

2015-11-22 18:50:17
What is the online game where you draw a pructie of something that the computer told you and other people online have to guess it? You can also chat too.

2015-11-22 17:54:39
Oh Grimm I'll miss you! You are a great developer and it was alayws a pleasure to interact with you on the website. Thanks for all your hard work. You really gave of yourself and your devotion to the community was outstanding. I will remember you with fondness. What a loss to UO and to the UO Community. You will be sorely missed. Our community has lost one of its best.

2015-09-24 22:38:57
Amazing, love this game and everyone is so friendly makes it a good place to be.

2014-12-23 13:00:31
Love the site

2014-12-08 17:21:48
its a good game

2014-11-27 10:04:47
great game!!!

2014-11-23 09:43:00
its a good game

2014-11-20 17:52:19
really good game

2014-06-11 10:08:08
Even if I leave I always come back cuz I'm hooked. Been playing for years, and I've never found another game that could keep my attention.

2014-05-07 17:05:09
nice and catchy

2014-03-10 21:02:38
Best game ever.

2013-12-30 07:46:30
awesome game!

2013-12-17 04:59:19
the most awesome text-based rpg game.

2013-12-15 00:05:13
Very addictive. Love it.

2013-12-04 12:57:33
Quite enjoyable :-)

2013-12-01 17:04:15
game has lots of friendly people to help and give advice over all a lot of fun to play

2013-11-24 20:29:26
best game i have ever played!

2013-11-21 04:43:51
Best game ever

2013-11-20 03:51:57
Awesome game!

2013-11-11 11:55:51
awesome game!

2013-10-12 12:27:57
my thanks to s.o.l. staff great game

2013-09-27 15:46:26
If you like Japan, you will probably like this game:) Give it a try.

2013-09-19 19:47:37
I've spent years playing this game... it's been a modicium of peace for me despite all the conflict in my life.
very stable game, with sound morals and a truly responsive staff. sure it's tough... no cookies here... more like... rice patties lol ^_~ MAKE YOU STRONGER WHOAAH!

2013-09-04 01:37:45
love the history involved

2013-08-15 21:11:46
Perfect game if your looking for an online text based rpg.

2013-08-09 11:30:57
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2013-07-04 17:10:05
This game is one of the best text based games that I have had the privilege to enjoy. I've been playing for 5 years, and it's the only one that has ever sparked my interest.

2013-05-13 10:42:34
ame is fun if you can get past the Exploiters that sit @ level 1 and can attack anyone w/out fear. meaning these Exploiter can still skill up way beyond the the means of a normal level 1 player meaning thy can get there STR and other stats up as high as they want like 10k + and as a lvl 1 -50 player you can't defeat them when they attack you. so you loose every time, my opinion is the game is fun but the Exploiters ruined the game for me.

2013-04-01 22:31:50
Been away 4 a year but I looooove this!

2013-03-25 20:42:36
I enjoy this game, I have been playing it fort a long time and it is quality

2013-01-28 18:38:22
its very good

2013-01-13 11:46:52
Very awesome.

2013-01-12 15:19:23
Really good game with some awesome people

2012-12-31 05:28:58
best mmorpg ever !!

2012-12-09 19:56:03
Great game, easy to play, fun to learn, always evolving.

2012-11-29 12:37:11
This is an amazing mmorpg that has been around for quite some time. It allows for constant advancement and continual fun.

2012-11-22 14:55:02
i love this game

2012-11-19 22:09:59
I love this game very easy to play and you cn play it on any computer with out a download so great

2012-11-14 16:24:43
Aside from long wait times for energy and etc. to regenerate, the long term gameplay is fun.

2012-10-23 05:19:08
like it a lot

2012-09-18 11:44:56
Best game so far very easy to level up its really fun

2012-09-01 20:30:34
Best. Text-based. Game. Ever.

2012-09-01 12:08:21
Chemosh says you must crush your enemies!

2012-08-25 01:55:17
This game is very fun. For a text-based RPG. ;)

I would've given 9000/5, but I cant, so,


2012-08-17 13:01:00
A great game and very addicting.

2012-07-15 18:21:52
The Chemosh will tear off your head and do things to your body too terrible to say.

2012-07-06 18:27:40
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2012-06-26 21:22:33
Best RPG ever

2012-06-26 05:59:46
Very addictive!

2012-06-26 02:33:23
Servers are indeed shntuitg down, but you still can play them, just no online play. Not sure if you still want to download DLC if it would still be available though.

2012-05-26 23:13:52
great gameXD

2012-05-24 16:32:02
Really great and addicting! I recommened!!

2012-05-03 04:43:53
best rpg game i have played

2012-05-02 21:09:51
It's pretty good.

2012-04-25 06:02:39
It's a solid game, with plenty of people. I give it a 3 out of five.

2012-04-11 14:06:13
is best game i have ever played!!

2012-04-09 19:42:29
This game has an absolute unique feature based on online text gameplay. As you play online and/or chat with your friends, you are still enabled to level up, gain exp., or make money: all of this being to become a better samurai. I recommend this game for everyone - especially if you like facebook!

2012-04-08 20:39:04
fun, not requiring a lot of brain power

2012-04-06 12:36:05
An intricately detailed and entertaining waste of time.

2012-04-01 12:31:19
Very fun and well paced game. Very friendly people who are glad to help out.

2012-03-21 21:06:03
Samurai of legend (sol) is an awsome game with great features. it offers players the opportunities to earn money, commit crime and have fun within the space of there own homes.

2012-02-18 19:33:39
Better than the rest

2012-02-12 02:29:09
Great highly addictive

2012-02-10 22:35:57
Great game, addictive

2012-02-03 14:49:08
Great game. Very addictive.

2012-01-13 13:10:11
I really like this MMORPG. It's got just the right amounts of fun, sarcasm, and serious that makes for a good time.

2012-01-06 00:27:50
sol is the best game ever

2011-12-13 16:34:20
very addicting

2011-10-21 05:00:25
VERY rude people that run this game

2011-09-28 12:54:34
great fun and alright for anyone from 8-80 years old

2011-09-14 20:25:32
good game :)

2011-08-12 11:30:43
just joined... BEST GAME EVER!!!

2011-07-31 05:40:50
I love sol its the best game I've ever played.

2011-07-28 14:41:07
An addictive online RPG game set in the Jappanesse Warring states peroid. Become a Dayimo and make a suscessful clan, get married, steal from and beat up your enemies, and rule Japan.

2011-07-17 12:56:19
best game i have ever played
only been on for a week and i'm already addicted

2011-07-05 12:16:46
An amazing gam which is very addicting

2011-06-23 08:52:10
awesome game!

2011-06-08 02:17:44
friggen sweeet!!!

2011-05-30 01:55:27
Great game !

2011-05-28 00:04:53
Love the game even if I've been playing for less then 24 hours~


2011-05-26 20:33:06
It's awesome

2011-05-19 01:41:34
Its the best

2011-05-18 16:18:49
AWESOME! could be better but AWESOME! lol

2011-05-13 00:30:08
sol is great

2011-05-10 19:45:52
good game

2011-05-10 19:39:42
very good game

2011-05-02 23:50:22
Awesome Game!

2011-05-02 01:08:54
Great game, very easy to use and understand.

2011-05-01 22:29:36
Yay for Samurai of Legend!

2011-05-01 22:28:43
Fun game. I love it. Hahaha.

2011-04-26 22:00:28
Awesome Game

2011-04-23 05:30:37
I found this game to be a nice little filler for all those gaps and breaks i have when i'm not doing something although this game felt like it was lacking alot of low level features i believed the game to be rather fun to play as a text style RPG the difficulty increase for activities such as "Crimes" increased quite significantly making the game harder to level up on also the individuality of training stats (Strength, Agility and Guard) made the game balanced but also unfair as the in-game schooling system was only beneficial with the (expensive) classes that gave a substantial amount of points to those stats as well as the "Job" and "Crime" related stats IQ and Labour. To finish this off, The game has 2 Worlds both offering different things. World 1 has alot less features than World 2 but it's easier to obtain money in this game but also World 1 has a few features that World 2 does not possess mainly on the casino style games. World 2 however is alot more difficult to get by with money being so difficult to get but as this may be this world makes navigation very quick with the sidebar Shortcuts that allow quick navigation to 5 (20 if donator) different player chosen location. Another thing for both worlds is that World 1 has alot more players so you're more vulnerable to being attacked by others players but also are more likely to be broken out of jail and recruited into a clan. As a summary this game is a very nice text RPG and i liked it giving it 3/5 :D enjoy

2011-04-22 10:12:29
I have just started to play this game and have found it very good for killing time, other players are very friendly and I have already made a few friends who are more than willing to help me out in becoming the best.

2011-04-17 10:58:33
Very fun game

2011-04-08 13:21:36
come and join

2011-04-05 10:51:37
The best!!!!

2011-04-04 11:17:44
Best game ever

2011-03-23 16:39:09
This game is crazy fun.

2011-03-12 10:26:42
Fantastically addictive game. Set in the Samurai ages, you get to build your own style of play. You can be good or bad, strong or weak, rich and poor. Just by the choices you make in this game.

2011-02-25 13:53:02
It is awesome

2011-02-23 19:19:42
It is very good.

2011-02-09 13:36:28
I like it a lot

2011-02-08 17:34:00
poorly developed and gets tiring pretty soon. Rude personnel SamuraiAdmin in particular.

2011-02-06 15:19:39
I like it a lot

2011-02-04 13:13:04
I like it a lot

2011-02-03 21:28:24
This RPG is awsome

2011-01-30 15:39:59
It's great :)

2011-01-26 14:08:52
It is very good

2011-01-26 02:46:30
My first time online texting game-great time.

2011-01-22 14:34:13
Fun and simple game, it's beginning to be an obsession

2011-01-17 17:41:32
try it, i did

2011-01-11 11:53:04
this game is the best i have ever played i recomend u join to

2011-01-10 18:31:46
great game i play it 24 7 trust me you will love it

2011-01-01 03:48:25
very very very Niceeeee!!!!Play ALL!thanks

2010-12-18 17:07:56

2010-12-18 11:22:04
very good MMORPG

2010-12-16 13:28:19
Great game. Fun strategy rpg.

2010-11-24 11:42:18
Game is dying.

2010-11-07 15:41:08
where's the punch and pie?

2010-11-07 08:57:07
Its fun and adictive

2010-10-19 16:30:46
I love this game. It's always full of surprises and I play it at least 2-3 hours each day. Sometimes more!

2010-10-18 19:03:35
a fun simple addicting rpg...

2010-10-18 02:04:19
the best rpg ever.

2010-10-17 06:48:02
The best rpg ive ever played.

2010-10-16 02:14:35
The best. Im addicted to this game. :)

2010-10-11 09:51:13
This game sucks ass....

2010-10-07 15:55:51
Really addictive.

2010-09-11 22:13:12
this game is awsome

2010-09-05 13:11:29
awesome game. Im addicted.

2010-09-01 19:45:59
awesome game!!!

2010-08-30 07:38:03
Very addicting!!

2010-07-30 10:22:26
a great addictive game where evryone is friendly

2010-07-30 01:08:06
Playing this game is like having boiling hot joy pumped directly into the frontal lobe of your brain.

2010-07-27 15:23:24
Game is great! Level up, do crimes, rob people. Rise to glory!

2010-07-22 02:41:01
Good, fun game where you live as a samurai and have to try and become the ultimate samurai.

2010-07-20 13:12:59
Love this game~

2010-07-18 10:57:08
Fun, addictive game, two thumbs up

2010-07-15 11:31:26
best game ever. no game is better than this. i give it a 10 out of 10.

2010-07-09 11:52:12
This game is extremely fun, and has many hours of fun gameplay!

2010-07-08 14:55:13 of the best i ever player seriously

2010-07-06 21:06:08
good ggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddd

2010-07-02 12:09:46
this game is awesome no doubt

2010-06-27 19:36:59
a very addicting game once i started i just started leveling real fast

2010-06-26 04:18:16
Samurai of Legend is the best RPG I've ever seen!

2010-06-20 13:58:38
nice game.been playing for a while now.

2010-06-16 18:40:28

2010-06-14 13:11:51
Just started the game and it appears to be a very good rpg game to me.

2010-06-10 17:47:22
a game that always takes and never gives lol

2010-05-29 14:06:24
The best game ever!

2010-05-27 15:53:13
Brilliant if you like sword fighting games

2010-05-21 07:45:38
A game that reminds to us the almighty samurais

2010-05-17 19:00:30

2010-05-13 17:46:05
this is a really fun an good game all should check it out

2010-05-12 11:35:01
Great game I started today and love it

2010-05-10 02:05:12
good game...really addictive

2010-05-09 15:58:47
good game seems to have lots of helpfull people on to ensure u have a good experience

2010-05-07 16:04:19
its really awesome and many players are very nice

2010-05-04 21:38:18

Its an epic game. There are many serious elements of intelligent game design in this one, which is why i like it so much.

2010-04-27 01:59:45
this game is brillant its so hookig i can play for days!!!!!!!!

2010-04-12 18:12:33
best game i ever played

2010-04-10 08:41:54
one of the best i ever played

2010-04-09 15:03:19
Samuria of Legend is one the best i ever played

2010-04-02 21:11:06
this game has a very fun way of spending a day.

2010-03-29 12:04:50
It's all about the community. The forums in this game are the most active of any I've seen.

2010-03-22 17:44:54
it's one of the best things in my day

2010-03-19 17:23:41
very good game

2010-03-16 19:33:46
It's loads of fun and very entertaining. A great RPG to play.

2010-03-12 19:34:49
Pretty much dying now. Isn't what it once was.

2010-03-11 01:33:55
Gold and Rice make the world go round :P

2010-03-07 17:17:16
SOL is a relaxed game similar to any Facebook or MySpace game. You start at the lowest of the low and work your way up doing various crimes.

2010-02-15 04:17:33
Great game with great staff and players.

2010-02-11 03:09:00
very good game

2010-02-06 19:43:51

2010-02-04 20:33:26
This RPG online is fun and awesome.

2010-02-01 11:28:54
I thoroughly enjoy this game!

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