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Endless Online - Free Mmorpg Listing Details

Endless Online - Free Mmorpg
Information about Endless Online - Free Mmorpg

  • Username: endlessonline
  • Description: Endless is a 2d anime based online mmorpg. Once playing our online rpg you can become rich and famous, fight evil monsters, become a hero or live as a normal citizen. Join this free Mmorpg today and meet the thouzands of other players.

  • URL: http://www.endless-online.com
  • Category: mmorpg
  • Member Since: 2006-12-31

  • Average Rating: 5 / 5
  • Number of Ratings: 929

Daily Endless Online - Free Mmorpg Stats

Daily Unique PVs Total PVs Unique In Total In Unique Out Total Out
Average 0 0 0.1 0.1 0.5 0.5
Today 0 0 0 0 0 0
Yesterday 0 0 0 0 0 0
Jul 2 0 0 0 0 0 0
Jul 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
Jun 30 0 0 0 0 0 0
Jun 29 0 0 0 0 0 0
Jun 28 0 0 1 1 0 0
Jun 27 0 0 0 0 2 2
Jun 26 0 0 0 0 2 2
Jun 25 0 0 0 0 1 1
Highest 1 1 2384 2384 177 177

Weekly Endless Online - Free Mmorpg Stats

Weekly Unique PVs Total PVs Unique In Total In Unique Out Total Out
Average 0 0 1.3 1.3 5.6 5.7
This Week 0 0 0 0 0 0
Last Week 0 0 1 1 2 2
Week 25 0 0 1 1 7 7
Week 24 0 0 1 1 6 6
Week 23 0 0 0 0 0 0
Week 22 0 0 0 0 1 1
Week 21 0 0 2 2 0 0
Week 20 0 0 2 2 10 10
Week 19 0 0 2 2 15 15
Week 18 0 0 4 4 15 16
Highest 1 1 4377 4377 994 994

Monthly Endless Online - Free Mmorpg Stats

Monthly Unique PVs Total PVs Unique In Total In Unique Out Total Out
Average 0 0 7.5 7.7 20.1 20.4
This Month 0 0 0 0 0 0
Last Month 0 0 3 3 16 16
May 22 0 0 10 10 40 41
Apr 22 0 0 15 15 25 26
Mar 22 0 0 7 7 23 23
Feb 22 0 0 3 3 15 15
Jan 22 0 0 16 17 31 31
Dec 21 0 0 8 8 21 22
Nov 21 0 0 8 8 15 15
Oct 21 0 0 5 6 15 15
Highest 1 1 7999 7999 3369 3369

Total Stats

Monthly Unique PVs Total PVs Unique In Total In Unique Out Total Out
Overall 1 1 38393 38795 43704 43950

Endless Online - Free Mmorpg review panel

2022-05-06 21:35:26
Endless online is the strongest and most courageous game I’ve ever played long live eo

2022-05-06 19:31:44
Great game lots to do and heaps of cool people to chill and chat with

2017-04-28 18:21:11
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2017-04-20 05:56:39
Game was really fun back in the day and want it to get more attention again which is why im voting. Its 10 years later since ive played and there is still a small community bc it was just that great to alot of us. Love to see it updated for modern indie gaming experience

2015-09-09 14:12:28
Come back, please?! :P

DwD and Chaos, masters of musics =P

2015-01-06 20:05:04
best game ever

2014-07-16 17:50:45
come play & visit treos.org, the remaining endless-online society.

2014-07-16 13:46:16
Great close-knit community

2013-12-11 12:36:25
best game ever

2013-08-09 06:48:11
Una buena serie era Stargate Atlantis y sus peculilas Stargate era una buena serie y peculila si la encontrais me la volveria a ver entera cada dia que me preguntan doy parte de esta web a la gente que quiere ver pelis y no sabe donde verlas por que quitaron megavideo, estais haciendo un gran aporte a los demas.

2013-08-02 23:00:16
Still playing since 06. EO needs more members again.

2013-06-07 19:10:13
love it but i hope vult-r remove the level blocks

2013-03-06 16:43:50
Endless Online used to be a great game with so much potential. It's slowly starting to gain its playerbase back again, but no admins are ever on and alot of people use bots to train. At Least EO Is Still Alive!!

2012-11-21 08:44:32
Great and fun game! But the most of greatness was community! We need to rebuild it, it got corrupted. So if your a nice guy, join, you wont regret it

2012-11-19 16:46:02
Awesome game!

2012-10-08 04:30:40
I Downloaded the Game Client and a Threat was detected (Trojan Horse)

2012-08-14 08:05:25
what a great game but old xD

2012-07-06 11:32:30
We truly appreciate your wesbite post. There are actually hundreds of tactics we could put it to decent use by means of a minimum of effort with time and resources. Thank you very much pertaining to helping make the post give light to many queries we have come across before now.

2012-05-20 04:03:18
The game is amazing! Please help us mpog100.com to get the Admins back on Endless and save the game!!!

2012-01-09 15:50:41
Awesome game, worth playing, stunning features, interesting quests and so on and so on.. :D

2011-07-31 05:59:12
Awesome And Aendar's Bringing it back!!

2011-07-26 21:22:43
I am an American citizen soon to be going into college, my field of choice is in Multimedia. I would be interested in working with you in making Endless Online a more expansive MMOG. I will do whatever it takes and find any information possible that will cause Endless Online to be market-worthy.

Over time I believe something phenomenal can be accomplished, if by allowing me to be a part of your congregation is condoned.

Thank you, I hope you are able to see this message.

Contact: vendoishere@hotmail.com

2011-05-01 07:54:49
best game ever, so easy to use and its just awesome

2011-04-23 16:21:33
This a really addicting game, Once you start you will never ever stop playing, EVER!!! I've played WOW GUILDWARS You name it! But none as much as this!
Its So FUN!!

- IRONARC From Endless Online.

2011-01-01 09:22:08
ich mag euch und ihr sollt weitter machen

2010-11-30 11:22:59
We love Endless!

2010-08-29 22:51:15

2010-05-24 21:45:35
decent quest nice creative ability added into the game

2009-12-16 15:25:23
Pros: simple but effective.
allows good communications, good commuty.

Cons: Admins/mods nowhere to be found ergo lot of scammers

overall good game

2009-12-05 21:50:29
great graphics great opportunities and enough to keep u interested for years!

2009-12-03 20:00:21

2009-11-28 11:23:59
I play it, but if I didn't I wouldn't start playing it :P

2009-11-27 17:47:09
Great game because it is 100% free, noone can pay to be better than others

2009-09-13 14:54:37
its kinda boring leveling but, its really fun

2009-09-13 03:41:41
What an imbalanced game. Seriously, until the developer actually wakes up, listens ti the end-user AVOID! Harsh, slow gring to level-up. Quests provide a ridiculously low level reward, and sometime no experience at all. High level players dominate the boss areas, so you stand VERY little chance of getting better armour. Magic users cheat by attacking ALL monsters in an area, preventing you from selecting an enemy. There are cheats and scammers galore, waiting to rip you off. Many players are rude, offensive and abusive - yet there is no pint in reporting as the admins ignore! Could have been so good - but badly managed, badly executed and provides an appalling and frustrating experience!

2009-07-13 09:58:22
This game is awesome, with great graphics and super cute!

2009-06-29 16:12:35
the most addicting game out there i love it it kicks ass

2009-05-03 21:07:59
if u say sumthing bad about this game im coming for you!!! ive layed alot of mmos and rpgs but not like this ...*all im sayin end of story!!!*

2009-04-07 01:18:32
awesome game its a true mpog ^_^ vote for more

2009-03-30 14:01:33
luv the game. it is REALLY FUN. GOOD JOB VULT! PM ME IF YOU READ THIS AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. it needs a more variety of weapons if you want to talk about that wit me. thanks

5/5 -xNJV from LAB: Endless Online

2009-03-24 12:06:23
yeh yeh love love love ITAL said so

2009-01-28 10:31:55
The game is ok, but the creator and admins. make it not so great, they act like childern if I didn't know any better I swear they were. They say and do childish things on the game. Theres so much scamming and glitches, but nothing is done unless your old favorite player of theirs and they let them on their accounts. If you need password recovery or any other admins. help, you can forget that unless you are one of their old favorites. Another words unless you started this game when it first game out it sucks to be you playing.

2009-01-28 04:22:58
This game is really awesome if you first think that is created by independent developers and is free.
Even if it wasn't it would still be awesome.

2009-01-26 21:27:06
Really fun game... /sarcasm

2009-01-14 07:07:22
this game rocks and this website is cool but i need help getting my pass and it hasent been 2 days i cant wait that long

2009-01-03 11:21:37
Very good game and no hackers

2008-12-05 16:18:38
the best gane i playt

2008-11-13 11:42:26
Very good totally FREE game!

It lacks moderation, but it sustains itself, and sure to provide a few months of fun for people.

2008-10-28 15:00:45
Pisses me off.

2008-10-21 05:38:02
i love mafia matrix

2008-10-19 02:40:30
it is a very well projected game..i enjoy it

2008-09-29 11:05:31
This is Really Good MMO

2008-09-04 19:03:38
an excelent game you should try it ;D

2008-08-31 09:40:05
I like this game :P

2008-08-25 16:07:06
was once a fun game but went to heck though vult-r tries to fix it up and stay monitoring it his efforts turn to waiste and all or most players walk all over each other and they walk on vult too idk if he is enforcing the rules well enough but ehh oh well it sucks now

2008-08-15 17:22:51
ive been playin this game for awhile and the players are nice and the game is fun. its been a long time and it never gets old. this should be at the top =D

2008-08-06 22:22:13
greatest out there!

2008-08-05 11:49:47
great game, I used to play. recommended to play if you want a laugh. (:

2008-08-03 10:41:13
For a 2D mmorpg it serves its purpose. If your bored and are looking for a decent 2D mmorpg to waste time then it fits the bill.

I've been playing this game for over three years.

2008-07-24 17:40:54
I love this game, i think its graphics are cute, they dont have to try so hard and make the game all high-tech to make it Awesome

2008-07-22 15:19:26
AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-07-18 09:46:25
Awesome game :D

2008-06-22 01:20:40
This game is teh best

2008-06-03 09:04:19
THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!!!! i have no idea why its not on the top of this list. you can customize your own character and kill monsters. and my favorite part is the arena witch i go to all the time.

2008-06-02 17:44:56
è bom...venhamm...eu prefiro endles do que tibia •

2008-05-17 14:39:10
Great game, nice people

2008-05-17 07:03:16
i love this game!!

2008-04-20 18:22:58
Awesome game, it's finally starting to improve.:)

2008-04-12 04:59:21

2008-04-11 11:25:36
i like Eo Alot its the best game i ever played on 2d :)

2008-03-21 16:13:48
Endless Online is not just an awesome hack, slash, and level. There is so much more. The community and diverse economy of the game give it a great feel and very entertaining.

2008-03-19 04:35:07
Endless Online is a very good game

2008-03-14 13:09:43
This game is awesome...
There is something about it no other mmorpg has.

2008-03-10 21:30:58
this game is very cool!!!!!!!!!! ;}

2008-03-07 04:23:19
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2008-03-06 00:22:57
Fantastic game great and simple

2008-02-29 14:34:07
it is a amazing game and rules it should be 1rst it beter than all the pther games iv played and its fun. :D

2008-02-23 00:22:46
The best game ever played.Enjoy it.

2008-02-15 16:57:13
it rocks :))

2008-02-09 19:33:59
this game rocks, i dont c y any1 wouldnt play it.

2008-02-07 15:16:00
Endless online is a Great game it has 2d graphics and is a fun game to play

2008-02-06 02:55:45
most addictive game ever!

2008-02-01 19:10:07
Endless rocks it is good about everything

2008-01-25 10:03:49
Best Game Ever Made

2008-01-23 14:41:05
Been playing for 3years game is great nothing even compares!

2008-01-21 15:58:43
Awsome game, very fun if you like wrestleing

2008-01-15 08:47:08
liek mudkips.

-Neid (IGN)

2008-01-15 08:46:25
liek mudkips.

-Neid (IGN)

2008-01-14 19:46:08
Exellent Game

2008-01-14 16:22:00
Best game ever!!!

2008-01-12 14:49:20

2008-01-08 21:13:06
liek mudkips.

2008-01-06 23:55:17
I think this game is A+++, with the great sense of community, this game compensates for being 2d. There is a problem with some aspect with it though, it has a serious problem with 10year old hackers and cheaters, Vult-R (the creater) needs to get off his ass and do something about it then this game will become even better than it already is. ^_^ -Danthemadman-

2007-12-27 06:32:34
Endless online is a great game

2007-12-26 19:15:33
This game SUCKS, and dont lose your password because you will NOT be able to recover it. Players are put into a wall as punishment and dont think your ok if you don't cheat cause they will wall you to. There is NO game support from the administators what so ever unless you are one of the select few they play favorites to (if your a new or a couple years old player you can hang that up.) Basicly all EO is, is that you play until they decide to put you in the wall and don't let you out for a LONGGGGGG and ignore you.

2007-12-25 22:44:20

2007-12-24 11:11:43
This game rocks and is awesome,but it could use more attention on the game by the admins.

2007-12-22 05:00:34
good,great,fun,cool game!

2007-12-20 21:09:57
its a wonderfull game that is if u have a high soical rank in other words ur well known but not as well known as medusa or the admins i feel sorry for the admins cause they cant log on without ppl crowding them but aside from that i love this game ENDLESS ONLINE FOREVER

2007-12-18 16:43:25

2007-12-15 13:46:23
This is a wonderful,fun RPG. It is a quick extremely quick download(about 5 mins with DSL) and is very addictive! You will love this game! Even if you think it looks dumb, go ahead and try it, it's only 5 minutes to try it!

2007-12-10 17:49:22
Absolutly the best.
Generally literate players and a helpful community positively influence new players, and a semi-easy map with interesting and original pixel art in each screen makes this game addicting.
Add in some fun monsters, and great clothes, and you've got quite the fun little game. :)
5 stars.

2007-12-09 14:55:54
endless online is a great game.. i have been playing for months!!

2007-12-09 07:50:07
It's a Great Game to make friends online,and it's
very addicting once you get Rich XD.

2007-12-08 05:50:02
Endless Online is an interesting, multiplayer onli-




2007-12-08 00:18:49
Although The grapics arn't fantastic, The game is great. I think this should get a place on this site!

2007-12-08 00:00:59
A wonderful 2D game made by a nice man named vult-r
You can become rich famous, buy clothes , boots, necklaces, rings ,braclets ,wepons and shields.
You can attack monsters and gain lvls.
Those who brake the rules will be put in jail (qhitch is aa jail u cannot ecape from) for a min of 30 mins.

Please join the endless comunity today!

2007-12-06 14:21:50
edless rulz a lot whooooooooooooo

2007-12-04 13:32:53
This is the best game.

2007-12-03 22:34:18
the game has changed over the past 3 years, it's not as fun as it used to be... be prepared to be flamed

2007-12-02 13:20:06
THIS GAME rock!s but it be better if the admins do something to the player if they get scammed :l BUT ROCKS!

2007-11-30 21:15:36
I vote for endless because it is the best game i have played on the internet.

2007-11-29 08:15:03
endless online is one of the best games i play i loves it graphics monsters but not so much the maps >.< srry endless i got to hand it to u UR MAPS SUCK BALLZ

2007-11-28 12:26:11
the game server could not be found.please try again later.
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2007-11-28 11:33:09
i love this game!!!!!!

thats all i have to say.

2007-11-28 08:29:04
One word...Awesome, no no no, another word, Incredible, no, I can't describe how fantastic this game is!!!!!!

2007-11-28 04:51:47
one of the best games i´m playin
its great t talk with pplz and play or just do one of that :D

2007-11-25 11:11:19
try this game!!!!!!!

2007-11-25 10:59:12
endless is the best game ever made but there not much item

2007-11-24 11:51:19
I have played this game for a total of four weeks. It is a game similar to .Hack// the anime&game except no virtual reality. You can interact with other members, join guilds, fight monsters, buy clothes and weapons, etc. It is a fun game and can be addicting, but when it all comes down to it there isn't a point to the game. Like many games out there it's just for fun. Graphics are no way as good as GaiaOnline. It is hard to level up as the game goes on, money is impossible to get, and the game is full of preteens. If you're an older gamer I suggest looking really hard for people your age unless you want to be overtaken with l33t and noob chatter or you're just a pedo. I give it a 4/5.

2007-11-23 12:11:06
i have tried to play this game and it is not at all obvious to how you play it.rubbish.

2007-11-21 19:47:54
AWSOME MMORPG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-11-20 14:10:12

2007-11-13 17:07:36
This MMORPG Rocks!..

2007-11-12 22:14:44
its a good game with a big world to play in.

2007-11-11 12:04:29
this game frickin addictive play it you will want to play it forever (if your in that anime type thing) well I give this 5/5 totally awesome game well the pk arena calling bye.

2007-11-07 09:44:55
the best game

2007-11-05 09:02:45

2007-11-02 16:41:35
eo is the best online game eva and its the best game i've eva played before

2007-11-01 17:33:22
how do i open it

2007-10-30 08:56:42
friendly people,easy to start(13 mb file!!!) and its fun

2007-10-29 19:24:30
best free online rpg i played
greetings mystiqeking

2007-10-26 17:02:22



2007-10-25 18:50:46
The game started out great. I have been playing for about a year now. The last few months haven't been nearly as fun to play, with all the hackers and speeders. My account was hacked and I am unable to get it back. You can go to the web site and put in a request for them to send you your password, but it's been over two weeks now of asking them to send it (almost daily) and still haven't recieved my password. If they would send it with in a few minutes of the request, maybe people would stop getting hacked because we would be able to get our accounts back. This is a huge problem on this game.

2007-10-20 11:27:59
This is a wonderful game and its a roleplay game its very fun and addicting.

2007-10-16 15:44:43
nunca joguei o jogo mais so pelo grafico ja pencei o jogo muito tesao

2007-10-13 13:18:41
wow amazing this game is absolutely amazing..wow.
this game is so dang fun..and its worth all the space it takes on your computer too!I play this game in my spare time (I have a LOT of spare time due to endless online) and i even play it on my laptop during school..I JUST CANT GET ENOUGH OF THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have rated this game a 5 for many reasons...1 it is a really good game and i highly reccommend it..2 vult-r will kill me if i don't XD...so PLAY THIS GAME u will really enjoy it ;D.

2007-10-12 21:23:36
this game is not a waste of time it is so interesting that i played the game nonstop 4 about 7 or so hours so now u can kinda see that this game rocks my socks strate out of this world wht are u waiting for go ahead and join up for this game i rate this game a 111111111111111111111 out of11111111111111111111111 it is so fun join now

2007-10-12 21:06:09
endless is the one and only best game u could ever get it makes u go crazy it is so wiked and enterresting u get to fight evil monsters and u get to trade people your awsome stuff if i was u create a account on endless its the best ever game u could get go on wha u waiting for make a account

2007-10-12 21:05:47
endless is the one and only best game u could ever get it makes u go crazy it is so wiked and enterresting u get to fight evil monsters and u get to trade people your awsome stuff if i was u create a account on endless its the best ever game u could get go on wha u waiting for make a account

2007-10-12 16:34:02
this game is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-10-12 15:55:47
Dewd endless online is one of the best morpg's ive ever played i like it more than world of warcraft xD love from lovleyleela (my username)

2007-10-12 14:44:12
this game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-10-11 09:32:52
Best online game ever, period.

2007-10-11 07:33:37
ednless online is awsome and i just started playing it and they keep making it better and better i has got to be # 1

2007-10-08 11:47:32
Terrible Terrible mess of a game, bad admins bad player base, bad exploits and cheats, a shambles of a game, it has potential but with a developer like ''Vult-R'' there isnt going to be any development in this ''in development game''.

2007-10-08 04:40:55
I think endless is the BEST GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have to play it!!! i would rate it an overall of 10/10!!!!!!! Graphics is 2d but everything doesn't count on graphics. The gameplay is AWESOME! Probably the only bad thing is that you have to download the new versions everytime they do a major update... But still ITS A WICKED AS GAME!

2007-10-07 22:54:54
This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-09-29 11:39:35
very good, pero si fuera en español seria espectacular

q juego tan bueno

2007-09-28 01:52:57
you the best greatest wonderfull game i have ever played

2007-09-22 04:35:21
This game rules I can't stop playing it

2007-09-21 19:28:31
The best free game that you will ever play!

2007-09-19 14:21:17
BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AWSOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-09-17 15:45:10
The communuity is very bad and you lose interest as soon as you realize how unbalanced the prices of items are. you would be better off playing a dating game because thats all Eo is a dating chat game where u just happen to be able to kill monsters.

2007-09-13 08:59:09
It's a wonderfull game MMO RPG.

2007-09-12 21:51:23
AWESOME GAME I PLAYED FOR ALMOST 5hrs non-stop. lol pretty good.

2007-08-31 11:39:02
HELLO, this game is very poor, its not very maintaind is it..? the admins come on about 1ncs a month

2007-08-28 09:37:32

2007-08-26 16:17:47
This site rox! I am a sorta successful user on this, and has had experience in this site.
Unfortunatly, there is somethings that sorta
offend my beleifs like using the Bible sort of wrongly. and the curse filter isnt that great...... :( But other than those? Its the best
MMORPG site I have EVER played on. Ten million times better than that stupid Runescape!!! This site has my vote.

2007-08-23 00:55:20
never play but cool

2007-08-21 14:53:29

2007-08-21 00:33:55

2007-08-20 07:55:24
this easent the best game ive played but i thinck its one of the best 2d games ive played

2007-08-19 12:12:32
Endless Online is one of the BESY games i have ever played. Sure, its 2d but its SOOO addictive.
The characters look amaising and its just really fun. ENDLESS ONLINE FOREVER!

2007-08-17 13:18:20
This game is fun for someone who plays alot of not alot, but it is not as fun when you get all the stuff that you want...

2007-08-16 18:31:27
Endless online is a awsome game, you should try it out.

2007-08-16 09:36:33
Endless-online is a nice simple 2D mmorpg the style of it,Its nice gameplay kind of needs more work,Pk is kind of fun,Hell of a addictive game. lol

2007-08-16 08:28:58
Endless Online is a very fun and very active game. The community in the game could use some work but most of the members are friendly and understanding. It's a very fun game. :]

2007-08-15 19:22:17
Nicely Done.

2007-08-14 11:25:51

2007-08-12 13:03:29
endless online is the best game to ever be on this earth they add new versions of the game and increase its graphics and fix any flaws that might of happened

2007-08-10 16:07:39
this game rocks~!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-08-09 13:41:15
Its The best game EVER!

2007-08-09 12:14:05
Very good game. 2d graphics look nice, lots of areas, monsters, npcs, weapons/equipment. However only a few quests and the community is hard to get into, but once past the "newb" status it is a very sociable game.

2007-08-09 10:34:42
I love this game i've been playing for about a year now, on test server yes im lvl 16 sadly but i like to hang with my friends online and or just gain or spend money or go to underworld and kill apozen.

2007-08-09 02:10:10
Very nice game, I play it myself too, and it may be a small map, and hard to lvl, it's a wonderful, WONDERFUL game.


2007-08-06 15:10:33
it is the best MMORPG (MASSIVE MULTI-PALYER ONLINE ROLE PLAYING GAME) that I know of, at least when u consider it is entirely free.

2007-08-05 19:30:09
its good but its graphics could be better.

2007-08-05 16:22:33
Ive just joined today Endless Online (EO) its actually not bad thought i was expecting more better graphics, the game play easy and understandable, it gives a rich feeling when u play it and makes u want to get more. suck as :armor,weapons,etc. (which i must say the armor and the weapons r really amazing in this game). EO is like Runscape (RS) but doesnt give u that boring feeling after u get to a high level
Pk in EO kills RS Pk 100 times well from wat i c
on Youtube.

Im just a beginner (n00b) so i dont rly much about it yet but guys so far have all my ratings all the way through =)))) 9.8/10 = 98%

2007-08-05 14:27:12

Get married; wear fancy dresses [or suits]; fight off fun monsters; always have someone to talk to.
Seriously fun. Join. Now.
add; Leiis.

2007-08-05 05:13:49
this game is great

2007-08-03 00:14:57
It doesn't have skills like cooking, forraging, fishing, chopping wood, farming, bathing, etc. yet, and most players are sinful, greedy and mean, and the item prices are crazy. But it's free and the looks and works of the game and the fact that they are going to add these skills makes me like the game. If you know how to 'word role play' and have a little imagination, you can pretend to do those things I mentioned. Other mmorpgs are browser based and/or have tiny screens or tiny characters, but this one rocks. There are pros and cons, but I'm taken with it. I just wait for that day when they include the skills...

2007-08-01 08:06:11
Well....I think that this game is really fun and cool..... ^.^

But....what i hate is the hacking stuffs....
Its so annoying..
People always hacking me...........

2007-08-01 07:21:31
endless is an awsome game that allows you to train and as you train gain lvl's get better wepon's and armors enjoy doing quest's and facing a wide variety of monster's the only start's to get better from there on in!!

2007-07-31 21:17:45
I have to say that endless online has MANY rude people.I love endless myself and people i meet are really mean and i mean if you end up knowing mean people just add them to your ignore list.I have met many rude people and they all end up where?On my ignore list..Endless has manny great features and from time to time prices will go over the top.So if you think you haave what it takes to play endless go on and play!

Endless player,Lexxieee

pm me sometimg :D

2007-07-31 19:13:00
endless is an awsome game that is very fun. as you continue to train and gain wepons,armors discover cool and exciting area's the game only gets better i highly suggest it

2007-07-31 14:21:32
its the best

2007-07-31 12:40:26
i play this game its awsome if you down load it right now you wont beable to play bedcause the sever is down.

2007-07-31 12:33:18

2007-07-31 02:20:57
endless is a very great addicting game and it doesnt get boring like all others :P

2007-07-31 00:45:34
game is going down the deep end admins giving hackers special treatment instead of getting rid of them they ruin the game ...why reward hackers??? remove them from the game do something to teach them a leason not reward them for being noobs who ruin a game that many people enjoy ...as for my rating it should be -5 for the admins doin this nonsence ... but ill give it a 1 cuz -anything aint there...games been going down hill since v20 they need to get back to thinkin about the players instead of themselves again they ignore players and never try to talk to anyone ....what happened you ask ...theygave up caring is what i think...CK out

2007-07-30 20:50:36
Game rocks dude

2007-07-30 19:57:31
Endless Online rocks i love it
my chracter is level 7 i love this game
its so fun!

2007-07-30 15:35:37
Endless online is the best rpg game i played and that is all the games i play is rpg i love it ifound it and got 5 people started so far and that just one week we all love it number one and der no cheats which make it good only thing dat make it better would be cheaper stuff and make money easier to get but even through the way it is i giv it one milion out of ten best game so far better dan rune scape from tony G or in game topcatxo

2007-07-30 15:27:12
this is a great game for everyone it is a easy flowin game good graphics it is just a all around good game

2007-07-30 15:07:42
Very good games. Much to do and see, SWEET weapons.My only complaint as of now is the prices and market values. Eo is not a complete game, and will be complete in the future.

2007-07-30 13:20:08
this game is very exicting although if u dont have alot of spare time do not start

2007-07-30 10:58:58
Fun, endless fun, and helpful people, and lots do do.

2007-07-29 15:58:44
great game even with its issues.

2007-07-22 16:56:38
this game is the best i played yet!

2007-06-24 11:47:39
This game may not be the best in grahpics. But, it becomes addicting. I think this is the best game because of the people you are able to meet. And the way it's all set up!

2007-06-22 16:31:14
Dose this game cost any thing

2007-06-19 10:14:01
Kick ass game :)

2007-06-16 14:41:09
endless roocckkss!!

2007-06-15 16:41:18
The games awsome^^..but it's sorta hard to craft and get items and gold =/. OTHERWISE ROCK MY WORLD!!!

2007-06-15 10:33:17
This game gives u the feeling of real life in this time period. You can get married, enter guilds kill monsters, gain riches and powers and complete quests. i rate it 5-5 one of the best FREE MMORPG's out there.

my username for endless online-naoshi
feel free 2 pm me about anything

2007-06-08 20:03:11
This game is so much fun. You can play non-stop. Its the best game I have ever played!!!!

2007-06-06 05:48:26

2007-06-05 19:47:32
This is SO ausome!

2007-06-05 14:51:12
I love it, its my favorite game!

2007-06-03 19:22:14
This game is...........SO COOL OMG
I just CANT stop playing it.... you always have something to do in it.... Its just AMAZING :)

2007-06-02 13:05:43

2007-06-01 20:36:22
1 of the best games i have ever played thanks eo(endless online!)

2007-06-01 16:49:12
A big rough at first, but once you get to know the people it's some of the most fun you'll ever have over the internet. Trust me.

CTRL and the mouse are all you really need.

It's all kinda the same, really...

Astoundingly good. The bright colors and almost comical appearances make the game much better. There are a few inconsistances and glitches here and there, but not enough to notice.

In the end
4/5. Even if the game is more like a chat room with avatars then a game, it's still an incredibly good chat room with avatars.

2007-05-30 07:22:04
TOO COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-05-30 06:11:15

2007-05-26 08:47:09
really good.

2007-05-25 21:15:32
A waste of time. Rather go outside and play sport.

2007-05-25 12:53:10

2007-05-25 11:37:49
The best game MMORPG ! :)
By YakaPL

2007-04-26 14:56:48
My name is Andrew Nester, I am 14 years old. I have played many online games in my life.
(though my life on this planet hasn't been to long yet) I have played games like, Habbo hotel, and Runescape, which are to very big popular games. When i was searching for a new online game to play i had came upon a link that led to endless-online. After downloading the game, I had tried it out. I loved how they let free players have a space to themselves and I have enjoyed the game since i have downloaded it! Though the graphics are not the best, The gameing expericance and the way the game is worked out, its a wonderful, adventure/Rpg game. I would rate this game a 5 out of 5. I enjoy this game and i have passed the knowledge of this game on to my friends and family and they all enjoy the game as well. Thank you so much endless-online staff for making this game worth-while!
Andrew J. Nester

2007-04-24 21:18:14
Endless Mmorpg is a hugliy creative game and is very fun to play i have been playin endless off and on for about 7 months now i dont get to play much but i like this game much more than Runescape by far.....


2007-04-22 09:20:26
Endless Online Review-

Endless Online, in my view, is much better than even Runescape in many ways.

A) For a 2d game the graphics are excellent
B) The quests are easy to follow but challenging enough to provide a good gaming experience
and C) There are three different types of chat!

Graphics: 4 of 5
Quests: 3.5 of 5
Gameplay: 5 of 5
Overall: about 4 of 5

2007-04-22 05:55:58
Eo is the best

2007-04-22 04:21:09
Great game happy sad lots of quests friends but the scammers are prob but its a must try

2007-04-21 10:17:38

2007-04-21 10:13:47
Endless-Online is a cute little game, mostly for children. It's growing fast and it's very unique.
Not many events anymore though.

2007-04-19 13:55:42
Very nice game for all computers

2007-04-18 09:35:08
kept crashing when i downloaded it.

2007-04-18 05:55:59
i love the whole anime theme, i find that the lvling up is a bit too strong. but i love endless i get on almost everday. =)

2007-04-17 09:21:34
ok endless is on of the best games i eva played jsust join its its fun pure

2007-04-16 23:08:21
it is awsome

2007-04-16 21:03:03

2007-04-16 15:50:48
Pretty decent game, the levels take awhile to get but I guess thats why its called EndlessOnline.

2007-04-14 02:13:33
hey guys i want you to meet the coolest game in the world plzzzz if you dont beleive check it by yourself...... bye

2007-04-11 22:32:42
Totally nothing wrong with this game.
bestest games ever!!!

2007-04-11 02:50:07
endless is the best game ever created i think because it is not hard to play and it is simple unlike runescape which is hard to understand. and people are friendly on endless

2007-04-10 12:33:41

2007-04-08 12:31:58
I Honestly Have Never Been So Addicted To a Online Game ... Or any Game for that Matter. I give It Two Thumbs up.. Eo Is #1

2007-04-07 18:30:04
a realy good game the game play is the best around it is 2d but is a great game to play. EO is a game that is hard to quit it is geting updated alot and coming out with all new and kool things wat other game can i have a harp in. In EO u can get alot of cloths or just have one. EO has magic spells and alot of wepons that are new and old school like the reaper scythe or just the good old chians


2007-04-06 13:15:15
This game rocks it has so many jobs you can do.You can bea warrior magition priest rouge or even a bowman!

2007-04-06 12:38:26
its a really addictive game.you could spend ages on it.

2007-04-04 16:43:52
Good game take a while to lvl up but its good

2007-04-04 12:17:11
very good game.

2007-04-03 16:18:59
Amazing game, lots of fun things to do. decent graphics i must say as well.

2007-04-03 13:56:57
THIS GAME IS THE BEST! :D:D:D there's no membership areas, no price, this is the real deal! If you have time and want to have fun, this is the game for you!

2007-04-03 09:32:08
Endless online means means 'freedom'
Freedom to play in your underwear ;)
Freedom of speech
Freedom to cheat
Above all freedom to play free.
All this is possible because of its broad minded admins.
A great fun game to play if you are atleast 17 yrs of age to digest the freedom.
Excellent game and it will get better with time.
A must play.

2007-04-03 07:23:57
This game is the most worthy game ever to be #1!!!

2007-03-29 08:40:02
Endless online is I think the best mmorpg I ever played. One of the reasons for it, is that my computer has not very good graphical possibilities. And Endless online does work on it. Also the fighting system is really good and the world has a good balance.
Now the negative part:
The world is to small endless online now has most of the time 1500 people online. So the world is far to small. You also cant do much becouse there arent enough quest. And becouse the world is so small everyone is doing them. I think every thing is can say bad about this game has to do with the small world.

So my advice to vult-r is to make a larger world.
More sorry for the wrong Englische I'm dutch.
So vult-r if you are interested in somebody to think out a world you can mail me on dufernst@hotmail.com



2007-03-29 07:37:53
awsome mmorpg ready for action no complaints either and i like all the monsters and characters

2007-03-27 16:10:51
im leitomxpower ( i TINK)
Its sooo goooood this game....
but... i dont have swords/bows/spells

2007-03-25 20:34:53
this game is VERY intresting. when u start off u might think this is retard but after you play 4 lik 3 days stright you will learn the trick &trade of this game. tthe longer you play the better it gets. =D

2007-03-25 12:24:23
best game ever

2007-03-24 12:17:29
this games is fun and addicting

2007-03-24 06:24:00
very fun and good

2007-03-23 09:03:02
I like this!!!

2007-03-23 06:37:58
WOOT WOOT WOOT, still need some skills

2007-03-21 14:09:49
i have to say, this game was very entertaining. go and check it out! great rpg!

2007-03-21 11:33:47
this game blows


2007-03-21 05:41:05
the games great but there are alot of crude and dumb people that play and also the server has been down for two days but other than that great game...........

2007-03-21 05:00:21
wery good game

2007-03-20 05:59:14

2007-03-18 19:33:40
this game is totaly awsome but needs more weapons and capes slot and two hand weapons

2007-03-18 05:49:25
This is like... the coolest MMORPG!!! I've officially been with Endless Online for a year now, and it has been nothing but fun, fun, fun!!! I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a cool mmorpg. thanks!

2007-03-15 14:37:49
endless really is the best mmorpg i've ever played. i love that they are always adding new things to the game. it really is .....endless! keep up the great work!

2007-03-15 10:44:28
This game rox! I really enjoyed it when i first played it and hope to do the same this time! Keep up the good work Endless!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-03-14 04:37:50
Great game, its 2D graphics get you an anime world feeling you would surerly enjoin for hours. Game is currently in development so you could expect new features on it like every 2 months. Its interface is very intuitive you youll become used quickly, you can level fast to the average of players and the chat system is pretty good. Worth trying it.


2007-03-13 21:43:13
Great online RPG, growing with people each day.
Decent graphics, updates happen frequent enough, Everyone should take a peek.

2007-03-13 10:58:39
Its not often that a free game comes along thats so much fun, nice neat graphics, a battle system, chat system, buying, selling, you name it, Endless Online has it, With over 1000 players its a nice little game, and best of all, its still in testing! Its a brilliant game now, and it will only continue to get better.

2007-03-10 12:48:06
glitchy but otherwise better than ragnarok online imo

2007-03-09 21:28:12
This is a very fun game to play. Meeting new people is always interesting and gaining levels proves challenging as you progress. My only problem is that I had played before v.27 so I do not like this new version. Most people starting out love it so give it a try.

2007-03-09 14:20:50
Amazing game, its come along way in the past 3 years that i have played and is only getting better. I would suggest everyone give it a try.

2007-03-05 07:52:08
Chosenspace is a wonderful game for anyone who wants to beable to do anything. There are endless options and they are always changing. You can be anything and everything if done properly.

2007-02-16 19:34:51
A great game indeed,sometimes you may come up to little bumps in the road but overall it's a great great great game. Anyone who likes runescape will hate after you get into this game. :)

2007-02-05 11:41:25

2007-02-04 17:49:41
great game you get addicted once you start

2007-01-31 15:54:48

2007-01-26 20:52:07
Its a really good game. Better than most I've tried... Trust me, I've tried a LOT! Worth my time to download..try it. ^_^

2007-01-20 14:24:25
lol a couple of weeks ago i emailed vult and he made ame a gardian

2007-01-19 23:41:25
What a great game! You have to play it for a while, I suppose ... But that just adds to the fun. I've played for almost a year now, and I've made loads of friends and had great fun.

Pros: Fun!
Cons: Takes patience.

2007-01-19 21:07:13
A very fun mmorpg. its different from all of the other 3D mmo's. There are so many items to get. and if u like anime or like older style games this is the perfect game for you. The only thing i dont like is that while walking it can give you a headache so. But other than that its a great game. I hope anyone that plays it has a fun time and enjoys it like I do.

2007-01-19 20:04:06
I love Endless online. Its the best MMORPG, and it gets very addicting. The only bad thing about it is the lvling system. It took my like half a yr to only reach level 18.

2007-01-17 06:44:37
The best game I´ve played

2007-01-16 06:12:55
awsome game, lots of fun, addicting! i play it for hours! great game...

2007-01-14 19:38:12
The SkyMajor Rates This Game A Five Star.

2007-01-13 05:57:04
Best MMORPG i'v played since now, the artwork and spritesa are really well done and the interaction between other players is good too.Well i give all the EO staff a 5, KEEP ON ROCKING!

2007-01-08 12:59:14
It is a pretty good game and is progressing fine:)
I really like it because it's finally getting better but the moderation could use some work but overall its pretty good.

2004-04-10 02:09:13
Bringing Endless-Online back, ONLINE!

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